FAQ & Policy


Q: How do your discounts work?
A: Our discounts are based on the total amount of your order (not including shipping, expedite, and insurance charges). 

Q: Will you share or sell my info with any other company?
A: NO, we will never share or sell you information to anyone.  We also will never ask for your bank information, credit card numbers, debit card numbers or any other sensitive information via e-mail.  If you do recieve an email requesting that information please do not respond to it or click the link in the email. 

Q: How soon will I receive my order?
A: On average we will ship your order on a average between 4 to 6 weeks.  This is an average time frame and not an exact time frame.  It can take longer do to delays or numerous changes.  Your order will be shipped out via USPS Priority 2-3 day delivery for U.S. customers (Not a guaranteed time frame, signature required at delivery for most orders).  You can upgrade to USPS Express 1-2 day delivery for U.S. customers (Guaranteed time frame and traceable, signature required at delivery). Global Priority 6-10 business days delivery for Non U.S. customers (Not a guaranteed time frame. Please allow additional business days for an customs delays) (Customs tax may be charged at delivery at your governments discretion and are not included in the shipping price). We also strongly suggest our domestic customers (Not yet available to our international customers.) to purchase insurance on their order.  As we are not responsible for lost or damaged orders once it has been shipped.

Q: Where will you ship my order?
A: Your order will ship to the address you provided to us with your payment.    If you pay with a check or money order we can ship to a different address than the return address.  You must include that address with your payment.  If you fax in the payment we have to ship it to the billing address of the credit card provided.  This is to prevent online fraud.  Also if you pay via PayPal we will only ship to the confirmed address provided with your payment.  Again to prevent online fraud. 

Q: I need my order in under 4-6 weeks, is that possible?
A: We do offer an expedite service.  The fee is based how big your order is, how fast you need it, and what country you live in.  It could be as little as $9.99 or has high as $49.99 for larger orders.  We do offer an Under 1 week, a 1 week, a 2 week & 3 week expedite service on our "Order Form"  
As a rule of thumb, Ordering wedding invitations is generally done at Least 4-12 months in advance (ordered ahead of time in case there are any errors that were not caught in the proofs or changes of event details, etc), and then the invitations are mailed out generally at least 6 weeks to 2 months in advance.  We offer expedites for people who are behind in the process as a courtesy.  Wedding invitations within 4 weeks is the industry norm, and is even faster than a lot of companies with a standard 4-8 week turnaround.Here is a rule to go by if you are purchasing invitations on how to figure out if you need an expedite and if you do what expedite service you should pick. 

US Customers:
1 Month until your Wedding = Under 1 Week Expedite and Express Shipping
2 Months until your Wedding = 1 Week Expedite Service
3 Months until your Wedding = 2-3 Week Expedite Service
4 Months until your Wedding = Normal Processing

International Customers:
1 Month until your Wedding = N/A 
2 Months until your Wedding = Under 1 Week Expedite 
3 Months until your Wedding = 1 Week Expedite Service
4 Months until your Wedding = 2-3 Week Expedite Service

Q: How does the 1 week or 2 week expedite work?
A:   We will ship your order out within 7 business days or 14 business days after we receive all of your information and it is approved.  This time frame is not guaranteed and may be delayed by multiple changes made by the customer.

Q: When does the 4-6 week time frame start?
A:   The 4-6 week time frame starts once we receive your response to our information request email that is sent 2 business days after we recieve your payment.   

Q: I have ordered internationally and I need one of my items redone, how do I get this taken care of?
A: If the error is ours, our policy is to refund favor items for international orders.  If there is an error with the invitations, we will use our discretion, but most likely redo instead of refunding. 

Q: I really love your invitations a lot, but I have a different theme in mind.  Can you create a new theme?
A: Yes, we can do invitations in ANY theme.  We are a custom design shop, so just email us your ideas, or what you'd like, and chances are, we can accommodate your theme!

Q: There is an error on my invitations, can I get a refund?
A:  We do not offer refunds as all sales are final, but if it was a mistake that wasn't in the proofs that you approved, we will be happy to immediately send out a corrected set.   

Q:  I ordered invitations from you 3 months ago, and now I don't think there's enough.  I think my order may have been short 10.  Can you send out 10 more?
A:  We must be notified within 10 days of you receiving your order of any issues that may need correcting.  Please check your order when you receive it to make sure all is correct.  All orders go through 3 different staff members for quality and count check, so any kind of issue is extremely rare, but if deemed our error, will immediately be corrected within those 10 days.  We have this rule as a staple as, unfortunately in the past some have run out of what they needed and try to get more for free after records expire, so we carry this standard policy. 

Q: I'd rather give you my wording and work with you over the phone
A: We operate over email so we can create a file for you to keep all your wording, proofs, changes, etc.  We must have all information and correspondence in print, that is why all correspondence is over email.  Our scroll invitations are award winning and our invitations have also been featured on two episodes of A Wedding Story and HandyKane is also the featured company for weddings in a best selling novel!  You can see from eBay we are a top Powerseller and have been on eBay alone for over 5 years and have had our website for almost 10 years, so you know you're dealing with professionals.  You can also see a long list of testimonials to see how you will enjoy your items. 

We always email you back right away whenever you answer a question, generally that same hour!

By doing this, you are guaranteed the best and fastest service for all your event needs.  We can quickly research all of your inquiries and write you back and send you close-ups of all items youíre interested in over email as well!

So just ask whatever questions you have, and weíll quickly get back to you with the thorough answers you need.

Q:  I really LOVE your Irish theme, but I'd rather not have the Pot of Gold image on my reception cards.  Can that be left off or replaced?
A:  ANY of our images can be left off, changed around, and/or put on different items.  If you like an image on the placecards, and would prefer it on favor tags, we can change ANY of our images and also wording around for you to suit your needs!  We are very flexible!

Q:  Will I see what my order looks like before it goes to print?
A:  We currently offer proofs on invitation orders only.  So if you order invitations and other items you will receive a proof on the whole order. We'll send you an EXACT preview of what your order looks like with your information on it for you to approve before we send your order to print to make sure all is EXACTLY how you'd like it.  You are not only approving the wording but the entire layout.  Each item will carry the same theme and matching fonts, etc. so all matches exactly for your event.   If you didn't order invitations you will not see a proof.

Q:  I noticed you didn't have all of the images available to see for the Soft/Floral Ring Invitations, as I'm also interested in programs, thank-you cards, placecards, magnets, and other items in that theme.  What do those items look like?
A:  We don't have all photo images in yet of how all items look as we have just restructured our website to have images for every item. Please contact the designer for a picture if it is not yet on our website.  consultant@handykane.com 
 If you'd like an idea of the general sizing, appearance of what each item will be, you can look on the "CINDERELLA" page as all images are complete on those pages, but of course will be in YOUR theme.  We thank-you for your patience as we upgrade and add as many items possible to your theme so you can get everything you need at the best discounts and so your wedding will have a matching thematic compliments machine!

Q: I didn't see the dimensions for all items, is there a spot where they're listed?  Also this may sound silly, but what are prediction cards for?
A:  There is no silly question when it comes to weddings, there are sooo many things available and you need to see what's best for your wedding.  Prediction cards are a wonderful and fun set of cards to put out at your reception for your guests to predict where you'll be, and on your 5th Wedding Anniversary, you get to read them all, it's a growing tradition and builds a lot of fun and anticipation!
To save as much room as possible, we do not put an extended description for each of our items so that our website will be as simple and user friendly as possible for you, our customers, as wedding websites tend to get confusing.  All descriptions and dimensions are available upon email request, consultant@handykane.com , or you can easily look up each item in our eBay auctions, our user name is HANDYKANE and can read a full description for what each product is for, dimensions, etc

Q: Do you take payment plans for larger orders?
A: Yes, we certainly do, and you will find that we are VERY flexible at HandyKane Weddings.  We know that weddings are one of the biggest financial strains of a lifetime, and we'd like to help ease that pressure in anyway we can.  We design payment plans to suit each individual bride.  Just let us know in the "other" box on the "Order Form" 
All payments must be a minimum of $100 each and are due on the 1st of each month. 
Please have it paid off atleast one month before you need the invitations mailed out.  That will allow time for the deigners and you to create your dream invitations.  After your package is paid in full, we will begin working with you to get your invitations setup.  You will like payment plans with HandyKane Designer Weddings, because they're easy, flexible, and best of all, interest free.

Q: Can I combine my website order and my auction wins to get a discount?
A: Our create your own package discounts and pincess package discounts only apply to website orders.  .
Q: I want to physically touch an invitation to make sure it is what I'm looking for. Do you offer samples?
A:  Yes, you can certainly order a sample on an invitation for $8 (US) $21 (Canada) $25 (Ireland, UK, & Australia)

Q: Do you guys do anything besides weddings?  My daughter is having a Sweet 16, and your items are perfect!
A: Yes, we definitely can accommodate ANY occasion.  We can either use the cards with the pictures featured and change around the wording to suit your occasion, or you can submit your own images, or you can tell us what sort of images your looking for, and we can email you samples to choose from our vast library of hundreds of thousands of images.  We can do ANY occasion from Christmas Parties, Anniversaries, Bar-B-Qs, Sweet 16s, Quinceras, birthday parties, baptisms, baby showers, birth announcements, Christmas Cards, Graduations, Over-the-Hill Funny invitations, Halloween Costume Parties, Murder Mystery Parties, Reunions, ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING, just email us!

Q: Who do I make the check/money order out to and where do I mail it to:
A: You can make you payment out to:
2935 Thousand Oaks #6-172
San Antonio, Tx

Please print off any invoice you received from us and include it with your payment.  Please also make sure that a valid email address is with your payment.
Q: We called the wedding off, can I receive a refund?
A:  As is the wedding industry norm, we do not offer refunds for cancellations of any sorts.  Also if running on a payment plan, all payments are non refundable as well.   A credit will remain on file.

Q: Do you have other fonts available?  Can you print in a different color than the one shown?
A: We have professionally chosen the font and color that looks best with each invitation series, but if you'd like a different one, we can certainly accommodate that request!
We can print in most fonts available, if you want a different font that you don't see listed below.  We can also print in any color you'd like.
Here are the most common font choices for Wedding Invitations that we have available:

Q: How would you suggest I fold the ancient scroll invitations for optimal appearance?
A: You'll be able to insert these in your envelopes however you'd like, tri-fold, half fold, scroll and roll, it's all up to you.  So many brides have wanted so many different things, we leave that up to you and mail your perfect scrolls to you flat so you can choose!  We highly suggest the Renaissance Fold because you'll see the top edge in the middle like you'd see letters back in the Renaissance period. When you fold them in half, the edges go to the same side, and it doesn't look as lovely, but when the top and bottom of the scroll meet in the middle, it presents that beautiful antique edge in the middle of the parchment.  You don't fold it all the way in thirds, but just so that the top and the bottom touch, and this will fill the envelope perfectly,

You can see here in this image:
Q: Hi, I ordered too many invitations by accident; I was counting actual people I was inviting and not per household I was sending the invitation too, can I take my order from 200 of everything to 100 of everything? 
A: That's correct, the amount of invitations you're supposed to order is per household you're sending the invitation too and not total people you're inviting.
The only way we change the quantity of your order is through a store credit. We can take your order size down from 200 invitation sets to 100, and you can use the remaining funds to add items to your order, etc.  We will let you know your exact credit you can spend in the store. This would almost perfectly cover pre-written thank you cards with addressed envelopes if you'd like to use your store credit for this, etc.
You can look on your wedding theme page on our website to choose what you'd like to use your credit for, www.HandyKaneWeddings.com.  Let us know when you're ready what you'd like to use your credit for!

Q: I like one of the designs, but I would like to alter it.  Is this possible?
A: Most likely it is.  We can custom design the invitations almost however you'd like.  Just email us your ideas of how you'd like it, and we'll let you know the additional design costs for the changes you'd like.
Would you like us to custom design a different theme you'd like altogether?  Sure, we can certainly do that.  Just email us your ideas, and we'll send you a quote of the design fees.  We have some of the most affordable design fees on the market.